Social Responsibility

Our social performance is guided by our Group socio-economic development strategy and roadmap, which is aimed at ensuring that we meaningfully contribute to the upliftment of the communities and environments in which we operate in, during and beyond our envisaged mining & mineral  beneficiation activities.

TAM aims to create superior value for all stakeholders in the regions we operate in. While the social context of all of our operation environments differs, the Group’s social upliftment strategies are designed to address their specific social needs. 

The South African social-political circumstances require elevated social support to our communities, to address the historical and current challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. It is our priority, as defined within our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, to collaborate with our indigenous and local communities on the delivery of socio-economic development programmes that create community benefits and ensure that they are impactful and sustainable.

It is only by contributing to the social upliftment and economic development of the communities situated on the doorstep of our operations that we can tangibly demonstrate how our mining and beneficiation projects can and will improve lives.

Our priorities for the social upliftment and development of our communities include:

• Delivering local social economic benefits through the implementation of social and labour plan commitments and corporate social responsibility programmes 

• Strengthening institutional capacity and unlocking and mobilising partnerships and resources to resolve collective challenges

• Ensuring that we create shared value beyond compliance

• Contributing to integrated spatial development by improving the living conditions for our workers. This approach extends to all those communities that are directly or indirectly impacted by our mining & plant activities. It is further informed by regular and constructive engagement with our stakeholders to facilitate a thorough understanding of their expectation of value and to ensure that we are able to deliver accordingly for mutual benefit.

Stakeholder engagement is underpinned by our Stakeholder Engagement Policy Statement.

Jackie Mathebula
Group Chairman