Vast Mineral Resources

The TAM Group owns several strategic mineral resources in Mpumalanga & Northwest Provinces of South Africa, in excess of 100 million tons (1st phase).

TAM Alloys (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of TAM Solutions Limited and was incorporated to purchase and beneficiate the more than 21 Million Tons of FeTiV (Iron, Titanium, Vanadium) Tailings in eMalahleni (Witbank) South Africa. With a mineral composition of 54% Fe, 12,5% TiO2, 0,46% V2OTAM Alloys has the potential to beneficiate and liberate a substantial annual value of the following quality products:

  • Iron & Steel products
  • Titanium products
  • Vanadium Electrolyte & Pentoxide

TAM Alloys has done extensive research on the beneficiation processes and methodologies to extract the mineral elements from its resources. During these processes a number of disciplines were researched, including interim Pyro & Hydro Metallurgy solutions. The most attractive and cost efficient solution for mineral extraction is a combination of processes with the long term solution being – Hydrometallurgy  and TAM is in the process of finalising its extraction processes and pilot projects.

Aerial view of the stockpile comprising in excess of 40ha


Utilisation of resource

Resource statement:

TAM’s laboratory tests and leaching trials have shown that of the 0,46% V2O5 content in the 21Mt Calcine resource, up to 30% of the V2O5 is soluble and we have proven this through the TAMBIO leaching process. (In other words more than 25,000 tons V2O5 can be leached successfully.

Using the TAMBIO process (patented biological leaching process, using micro-organisms) in a first phase strategy of the extraction projects, is a green process and puts a premium on the Vanadium products produced in a green environmental friendly process.

Mr. Gideo van der Merwe (Inventor & Founder) has also developed a patent called Climaworx-CC&S (Carbon Capturing & Sequestration process) and everything planned by TAM is governed by doing so in a greener more environmentally friendly manner with the least effect to our environments.

Technical Processes developed and secured by TAM:

TAM (Technology And Minerals) has developed and licensed its own chemical processes

  • TAMBIO (Bio-leaching process);
  • TAMVAN (Vanadium Pentoxide process);
  • TAMGIT (Green Iron Technology process);
  • REDVOX (Hydrometallurgical Beneficiation Processes).

The processes have been custom developed to extract the minerals in the stockpiles using multi-disciplined processes, by our in-house specialist engineers and consultants.

TAM is in process of finalising its Front End Engineering Designs (FEED) for its first pilot projects for construction and implementation – May to November 2022. These pilot projects are being done as scaled R&D processes for Proof of Concept (“POC”), before being commercially upscaled..

The pilot projects will not only prove commercial viability and POC, but also has the environmental benefit of disposing of the mineral resources (stockpiles) at Highveld.

  • The TAMBIO process is a bioleaching process developed and patented by Mr. Gideo van der Merwe. The TAMBIO process uses special microbial leaching technology & solutions in a wash plant process to extract the soluble Vanadium in the resources and is a cheap extraction process, while
  • The TAMVAN process will start by utilising the Vanadium enriched water located on the resource in extent of 2,000,000 m
  • The pilot projects will be phased and implemented to demonstrate the commercial viability of extracting minerals from the resources and support the strategic funding processes.

Table 1: 21Mt resource statement


Volume (m3)

Density (g/cm3)

Tonnes (t)

V2O5 (%)

Metal Content (t)


7 187 555


18 710 919


86 306


1 122 922


2 905 384


14 164


8 310 477


21 616 303


100 470

Table 2: Chemical composition of this stockpile



Weight [ton]






441 578

68 567

510 145



690 433

107 209

797 642



1 871


2 162



26 195

4 068

30 263



237 629

36 898

274 527



2 426 806

376 828

2 803 634



243 242

37 770

281 012



86 070

13 365

99 435



3 742


4 323



80 457

12 493

92 950



14 441 087

2 242 375

16 683 463

Fe (only)


10 100 541

1 568 386

11 668 927



52 391

8 135

60 526



3 742


4 323



3 742


4 323

Total (XRF)


18 710 919

2 905 384

21 648 727

Perfectly located in the heart of South Africa's mining belt

TAM’s operations and some of our resources are located at the world famous HIGHVELD Steel & Vanadium facility in South Africa. Once the largest producer of Vanadium in the world, this facility (recently converted to an industrial park) offers excellent infrastructure and services hard to replicate. 

Vanadium - a strategic resource

Wattjoule (TAM Strategic Partner) is a registered manufacturer with Vanitec

Location, productivity and efficiency

The decision to base TAM at the Highveld Industrial Park (Old Highveld Steel & Vanadium) is a logic decision for a host of reasons, not to mention the abundant infrastructure already in place and available. Highveld Steel (as part of its business rescue & restructuring) has converted its business model into that of a landlord offering industrial companies, such as TAM the opportunity to rent quality infrastructure which alternatively would cost the company millions of rand to replicate elsewhere. Hence, TAM opted to make use of the mega infrastructure available at Highveld which not only saves us a great deal of time and capital, however, also assists Highveld in recovering capital for its beneficiaries.

As electricity supply remains an important aspect of any industrial business, it was important to select the best available location for our business with access to sufficient electricity supply. Once again the Highveld choice was a logic choice as it has abundant electricity supply on site due to all the historical uses Highveld had in its hey day. The Highveld Team has also negotiated favourable rates from Eskom for the Park and its users as this was fundamental to converting the park into a successful industrial node.

As the historic giant steel mill and furnaces needed a lot of water supply, the Park has ample water supply and its own dedicated water pipeline direct from the Witbank dam, offering tenants sufficient water supply for their needs.

There is also a direct gas pipeline from SASOL to Highveld, which is a significant benefit as one can opt for new technology solutions in furnaces, where gas and carbon can be used as the primary energy source instead of electricity.

Highveld further hosts both Afrox and Air Liquide as tenants which manufacture “oxygen”. Approximately 500 tons of oxygen per day is available on premises.

Highveld Steel used to employ a workforce in excess of 1600 trained people, most of which have lost their jobs, due to Highveld going into business rescue. This provides companies such as TAM a unique opportunity to find trained staff as their isn’t much other industrial businesses of this size in eMalahleni, who can employ these people. Once again TAM’s decision to invest in this node is considered important as we can make a substantial difference in the area as employers.

To start any mining or even mineral beneficiation  business from a new site, requires extensive EIA’s before any business can even be conducted. The choice of Highveld as a locations, makes strategic sense, saves time and money as Highveld has a significant EIA Scope already in place and TAM will position its operations within the framework of the existing permits where possible, even though certain processes may require additional permitting.