Innovative solutions in Technology & Minerals

Investing in the future

Proudly developing a South African Industrial & Mining narrative in “Mass Energy Storage Solutions”.

A powerful narrative

Our biggest asset are our people and the TAM Group has a team of highly skilled individuals, committed to the narrative of developing TAM into a significant player in the Vanadium and Energy Storage Industry at large.

Significant Resources

TAM Alloys and TAM Mining have vast mineral resources of Iron-Titanium-Vanadium and will beneficiate its mineral deposits and resources to produce quality Iron, Titanium & Vanadium products.

Innovative Technology

The TAM Group has made significant investments in Technology & Intellectual Property (IP) development to support its projects & beneficiate its minerals using such innovative technologies and processes.

Impressive Infrastructure

The TAM Group has located the bulk of its beneficiation operations at the Highveld Industrial Park (previously known as Evraz Highveld Steel & Vanadium Limited) in Witbank South Africa.

Sustainable Energy

TAM Energy is poised to become a leading manufacturer of Vanadium Battery Oxides for use in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries throughout the globe, by applying state of the art new technology with an emphasis on reduced costs.

Excellent ROI

TAM offers it's investors and stakeholders, a sound return on investment by integrating proven processes & systems, with high-tech new innovation and state of the art technology. Committed to a cleaner and greener environment.

the future is here

Globally, energy storage deployment in emerging markets is expected to increase by over 40% each year until 2025. Currently, utility-scale stationary batteries dominate global energy storage. But by 2030, small-scale battery storage is expected to significantly increase, complementing utility-scale applications.

TAM has aligned itself with the vision of the Paris Accord on climate change and the supporting vision of the South African Government. TAM is poised to play a significant role in the future of sustainable energy solutions in Africa at large.

our vision

The TAM GROUP  aspires to continually develop innovative new technology, focused on becoming the most cost efficient vanadium producer & mass energy storage  company in Africa.

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