TAM Holdings Limited is a proudly South African registered Company.

TAM Holdings is a subsidiary of the Gideotech Group of Companies which is a “Green Fund Group” as every business Gideotech invests in, has a strong emphasis on creating a greener and better environment for all to live in. The Gideotech Group has invested in TAM Holdings to assist TAM in developing its business technology and solutions, with the aim of growing TAM into one of South Africa’s leading mineral beneficiation & energy storage companies.

“Green is not a colour – its an attitude”

TAM’s mandate is to develop TAM and its primary subsidiaries TAM ALLOYS & TAM ENERGY into major contributors in their respective fields, guided by the Gideotech Group’s underlying emphasis on doing things green and clean.

The question we are often asked is, how do you link a mineral beneficiation business to an energy storage business?

The answer is simple – TAM has acquired more than 20 million tons of an Iron, Titanium & Vanadium Tailing Stockpile with the following composition – 54% Iron, 12,5% Titanium and 0,46% Vanadium. As TAM has also developed TAM Energy (Pty) Ltd into an energy storage company focussed on supplying the market with Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB), it was imperative that TAM secured a long term source of  V2O5 (Vanadium Pentoxide) for our Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB).

The 20 million ton FeTiV stockpile has more than 90,000 tons of V2O5 still locked up and TAM Alloys will beneficiate this resource to ensure that TAM Energy has a long term supply of Vanadium. One of the primary objectives of TAM Alloys is to be able to produce V2O5 at ultra competitive prices. By doing so, it positions TAM Energy favourably in the Vanadium Battery industry as the Vanadium makes up approximately 40% of the total costs of a VRFB. Being able to produce Vanadium at competitive pricing is a key element to TAM’s success.

For more information on both TAM Alloys and TAM Energy, please visit their respective pages .