Group Overview

The TAM Group of Companies is an integrated technology and mineral group focused on developing an exclusive clean energy storage supply chain with its  licensed TAM ENERGY Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technology, patent pending & licensed process technologies (TAMBIO, TAMVAN, TAMCHEM, REDVOX) and it’s wholly owned and strategic vanadium resources based in Mpumalanga & Northwest Provinces South Africa.

The TAM Group is powered by the TAEG Group which is a Innovation & Technology Holding Company invested in a number of disciplines and industries. The objective of TAM is to become a leading player in the Africa market for strategic vanadium mineral resources & sustainable energy storage solutions.

Technology and Mineral Solutions Limited

(An unlisted public Company in South Africa, aimed at listing in 2022).

  • TAM Ferrous (Pty) Ltd – Mineral Beneficiation Company
  • TAM Alloys (Pty) Ltd – 16,5 MT of Ferro, Titanium & Vanadium Calcine deposit.
  • TAM ESD (Pty) Ltd – 800,000 tons of high volume Vanadium deposit (Ferro-Vanadium)
  • TAM NSD (Pty) Ltd – 5 MT of high Vanadium (Magnetite) slimes dam.
  • TAM Mining (Pty) Ltd – in excess of 100 MT of VTM (Vanadiferous Titomagnetite)
  • TAM Engineering (Pty) Ltd – In-house Engineering & Projects Company
  • TAM Energy (Pty) Ltd – VRFB (Vanadium Redox Flow Battery) Technology
Technology And Earth Group (Pty) Ltd

Brief History

The TAM Group of Companies are subsidiaries of TAM Solutions Limited, an unlisted public company in the Republic of South Africa. TAM Solutions is preparing for a listing in 2022.

Mr. Gideo van der Merwe (Inventor & Founder of Gideotech) had the vision to develop a sustainable energy storage business with a primary focus on vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology.

As is evident in the history of vanadium, the mineral has been subject to severe fluctuation in price over the past decade. Such price fluctuations have seen several VRFB startups disappear as high vanadium prices make such batteries to expensive.

This motivated the TAM Group to search for, and acquire the best vanadium resources it could find and TAM today owns several significant resources, to support its development objectives.

The acquisition of these resources didn’t come without their challenges, however, we have stood fast, invested significantly and developed what we believe to be unique processes and technologies to beneficiate our resources, whilst solving significant environmental issues in our resource areas.

We believe that we now have the best resources of its kind known in the industry and are excited about commercialising our projects.

About Us

Founded in 2017 by Gideotech Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, the TAM Group is comprised of a dedicated and passionate team of engineers, inventors, scientists and business leaders who have been working for more than 4 years to commercialize a revolutionary energy storage solution for Africa, at the most affordable rates possible.

Our energy storage solutions can be used wherever economical and safe energy storage is needed. Energy storage applications are vast and growing rapidly in the modern world, and TAM is proud to offer solutions that are safe, reliable, cost effective and versatile, to meet the most stringent needs of today’s ever-changing energy landscape.


Our Mission

We are committed to changing life as we know it and focused on generating value to all our stakeholders and communities we serve. We will achieve this by developing state of the art solutions and products for a cleaner and greener world.

Together with our strategic partners, TAM is poised to modernize Africa’s grid and deliver electricity where there alternatively, may be none.


TAM is committed to cleaning up the environment and has subsequently invested in strategic mineral stockpiles.

⚙️  Excellent location in South Africa mining belt.

⚙️  Huge Mineral Stockpiles(Fe,Ti,V) in excess of 21Mt.

⚙️ Potential expansion to more than 140 million Mt reserves.

⚙️  Primary Products: Iron, Titanium & Vanadium.


The TAM Group has developed and licensed unique process technology for its projects and continues to develop new technology both in-house and with strategic partners.

The following processes have been developed or licensed:

🖋  TAMGIT (Innovative Smelting Technology)

🖋 TAMVAN (Vanadium Pentoxide Extraction)

🖋 REDVOX (Hydrometallurgical Processing)


TAM ENERGY has secured an International License for the manufacturing of VBOT (Vanadium Battery Oxide Technology).

❖ World class Vanadium products tailor made for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Technology.

❖ Innovative Vanadium Electrolyte Technology.

❖ Cost efficient and customizable to end user(s) specifications. 

❖ Current commercialization negotiations with major industrial company.


Why Invest in TAM Solutions Limited?

  • TAM – “Technology And Minerals” brought to you by a team of industry specialists, committed to changing life as we know it.
  • Rock-Solid Business Plan, supported by assets, resources, technology and a powerful narrative.
  • Primary focus on “Mass Energy Storage Solutions and a greener world.
  • Significant mineral resources (LoM) and Balance Sheet.
  • Highly skilled Board & Management Team, comprising industry specialists in their respective fields of expertise.
  • Industry leading technologies & innovation applied throughout operations, with an emphasis on doing things green.
  • Significant infrastructure, plant & equipment, located in the heart of the South African highveld.
  • Committed to social & environmental programs, creating a better world for our people and communities to live in.
  • Aligned with the vision of Government to re-make South Africa, into an industry leading & manufacturing giant, creating significant Job opportunities and social upliftment.
  • Clear Investment Strategies with significant ROI and Exit Strategy.