Renewable Energy Opportunities for DBSA in SADEC

The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) has been carried out within South African to broad acclaim and the opportunity for exploration of the feasibility of extending this model to the region exists. Various SADC countries have embarked on renewable energy programmes, however not as sophisticated as the South African programme. There is a belief that by providing a focused and programmatic approach the impact might be bigger and thus provide a catalytic investment opportunity for the bank. This paper will provide an analytical report on the state of renewable energy initiatives in the SADC region, together with a country by country audit of energy provision and an outline of opportunities for exploration by the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

The value to the bank would be to provide a track record of renewable energy projects that will act as a baseline for partnering and investing

2019 -The year it all changed

For almost every year in the historical record, utilities paid no attention to battery storage.

Because of this, the past offers little insight into how quickly utilities will adopt the technology, which helps integrate renewables onto the grid, deliver peak capacity without carbon emissions, instantly adjust the frequency of the system and more.


As costs have fallen and early adopters liked what they saw from initial trials, though, the cycle from pilot to evaluation to widespread adoption is speeding up. The storage industry, and advocates of low-carbon electricity, have a lot riding on that process.

A new analysis sheds some light on how that adoption cycle works. Wood Mackenzie storage researcher Gregson Curtin tallied up utility integrated resource plans from the last three years (those are the documents where companies tell the world what power plants they expect to build in the coming years).

Accellerated Energy Storage

The World Bank Group (WBG) has committed $1 billion for a first-of-its kind program to accelerate investments in battery storage for electric power systems in low and middle-income countries. This investment is intended to increase developing countries’ use of wind and solar power, and improve grid reliability, stability and power quality, while reducing carbon emissions.

LARGE SCALE BATTERY STORAGE opportunity in South Africa

The South African Government is embarking on a massive energy storage plan and new batteries are planned for development in 2020.

Battery Energy Storage Systems Webinar v2

Bumper year ahead for junior miners 2019

The year 2019 will be better for the mining sector, particularly junior miners, believes BDO Canada’s Natural Resources Leader Bryndon Kydd. In a circular seen by Fin24, Kydd wrote that while 2018 was unkind to the sector, the industry was due for a rebound in 2019 …

South Africa faces hefty $124Bn energy transition risk

South Africa faces a “transition risk” of $124 billion between now and 2035 if it carries on with business as usual while the rest of the world cuts greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement …

2019 SA Government Integrated Resource Plan

SA finally included energy storage into the integrated resource plan. They plan 513MW storage for 2022 and 1575MW for 2029.

Note it is not measured in MWh, but MW, which means it is a lot of storage.

BUSHVELD  announces Vanadium Battery partnerships – 4 November 2019

Massive growth in Energy Storage predicted in coming years and Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB’s) to play a vital role in this development.