South Africa's Integrated Resource Plan

South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 offers a long-term plan for the country. It defines a desired destination where inequality and unemployment are reduced and poverty is eliminated so that all South Africans can attain a decent standard of living. Electricity is one of the core elements of a decent standard of living.

Energy Storage: There is a complementary relationship between Smart Grid systems, energy storage, and non-dispatchable renewable energy technologies based on wind and solar PV.

The traditional power delivery model is being disrupted by technological developments related to energy storage, and more renewable energy can be harnessed, despite the reality that the timing of its production might be during low-demand periods. Storage technologies including battery systems, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, hydrogen fuel cells etc. are developments which can address this issue, especially in the South African context where over 6 GW of renewable energy has been introduced, yet the power system does not have the requisite storage capacity.

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SA finally included energy storage into the integrated resource plan. They plan 513MW storage for 2022 and 1575MW for 2029.

Note it is not measured in MWh, but MW, which means it is a lot of storage.

When energy storage costs were revised to the latest information, and taking into account the longer gas infrastructure lead time, the power system selects more energy storage. This can be expected, given the extent of the wind and solar PV option in the IRP.

It must be noted that Eskom is already preparing to pilot an energy storage-technology project based on batteries. The pilot will enable the assessment and development of the technical applications and benefits, the regulatory matters that relate to a utility- scale energy storage technology and the enhancement of assumptions for future iterations of the IRP.

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