A mineral success story in the making …

TAM Alloys (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAM HOLDINGS Limited and was established to beneficiate the large 20 Million ton – Ferro Titanium Tailings stockpile, based at eMalahleni (Witbank).

It is common knowledge that mining companies & investment houses continue to invest in mine tailings and stockpiles as many of these resources still contain a large volume of minerals which weren’t optimally extracted in the old days when many of these tailings were established. One such company as an example, is Ergo (DRD Gold) who recycles old gold mine tailings as new technology has made it possible to extract gold much more efficiently than in the past. The Vanchem stockpile is no exception and contains a significant volume of minerals, especially Fe, Ti & V.

TAM believes that it has the right technology to extract and beneficiate the stockpile and will do so economically, using its proven methods. What separates TAM from our local competition is that our minerals are already mined and stockpiled. Although our stockpile does not consist of the highest mineral grades, the fact that it is already mined and stockpiled has a significant influence on the overall profitability of the company.