"A perfect location"

picture courtesy of Highveld Industrial Park.

TAM Alloys has opted to rent facilities from Highveld Industrial Park from where it will conduct its main business operations.

Location, Efficiency & Productivity

The decision to base TAM Alloys at the Highveld Industrial Park (Old Highveld Steel & Vanadium) was a logic decision for a host of reasons, not to mention the abundant infrastructure already in place and available. Highveld Steel (as part of its business rescue & restructuring) has converted its business model into that of a land lord offering industrial companies, such as TAM the opportunity to rent quality infrastructure which alternatively would cost the company millions of rand to replicate elsewhere. Hence, TAM opted to make use of the mega infrastructure available at Highveld which not only saves us a great deal of time and capital, however, also assists Highveld in recovering capital for its beneficiaries.

As electricity supply remains an important aspect of any industrial business, it was important to select the best available location for our business with access to sufficient electricity supply. Once again the Highveld choice was a logic choice as it has abundant electricity supply on site due to all the historical uses Highveld had in its hey day. The Highveld Team has also negotiated favourable rates from Eskom for the Park and its users as this was fundamental to converting the park into a successful industrial node.

As the historic giant steel mill and furnaces needed a lot of water supply, the Park has ample water supply and its own dedicated water pipeline direct from the Witbank dam, offering tenants sufficient water supply for their needs.

There is also a direct gas pipeline from SASOL to Highveld, which is a significant benefit as one can opt for new technology solutions in furnaces, where gas and carbon can be used as the primary energy source instead of electricity.

Highveld further hosts both Afrox and Air Liquide as tenants which manufacture “oxygen”. Approximately 500 tons of oxygen per day is available on premises.

Highveld Steel used to employ a workforce in excess of 1600 trained people, most of which has lost their jobs, due to Highveld going into business rescue. This provides companies such as TAM a unique opportunity to find trained staff as their isn’t much other industrial businesses of this size in eMalahleni, who can employ these people. Once again TAM’s decision to invest in this node was important as we can make a substantial difference in the area as employers.

To start any mining or even mineral beneficiation¬† business from a new site, requires extensive EIA’s before any business can even be conducted. Once agin the choice of Highveld saves us time and money as Highveld has a wide EIA Scope already in place and we will position our operations within the framework of the existing permits.