"Keeping our minerals in South Africa"

In keeping with the call of President Cyril Ramaphosa, TAM Alloys is committed to beneficiating as much of its minerals and products in South Africa. South Africa has been plagued by many economic challenges the past few years and especially the demise of our primary power company ESKOM has seen many industrial companies close down for a number of reasons, however cost of electricity being a major contributor.

TAM Alloys has however embarked on an international search for alternative and thus cheaper solutions to beneficiate our minerals, other than conventional smelting technology which goes hand in hand with high energy costs which is not feasible. With HATCH International and a number of other specialised engineering companies, TAM Alloys is currently finalising its processes and technology, which will enable TAM Alloys to produce high quality products locally. 

TAM Alloys will be able to produce a number of Ferro products at our plant in Witbank (eMalahleni). In association with our technology partners TAM Alloys will strive to become the leading authority in niche ferro products.

TAM Alloys has approximately 2,500,000 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand) tons of Titanium in its tailing resource. A valuable asset for the production of Titanium products and Titanium Dioxides.

V2O5 (Vanadium Pentoxide) the “blue eye boy” in the TAM Alloy stable. TAM has more than 80,000 tons of Vanadium in its stockpile which will enable TAM Alloys to supply its sister Company TAM Energy with V2O5 for years to come.