Resource estimation …

TAM Alloys appointed Shango Solutions (Professional Geologists for the Mineral Industry) to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the resource.

The major aims and objectives of the project were to:

  1. Facilitate a drone survey to establish the volume and topography of the stockpile which also served as a template to finalise the layout of the boreholes;

  2. Drill, sample and arrange for the analyses of the stockpile material.

  3. Dispatch samples to the TAM warehouse and the accredited UIS laboratory and composite bulk samples to TAM and LAB site (TPF) for metallurgical test work and storage;

  4. Maintain QA/QC oversight on the analytical work by means of blanks, duplicates and certified reference materials, and also ensure the integrity of the samples’ chain of custody;

  5. Determine the in situ density of the material;

  6. Quantify the concentration and spatial distribution of V2O5; and

  7. Determine the volume of the stockpile and calculate a code compliant vanadium resource estimate.

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