A World Class Industrial Tech-Company

TAM Holdings Limited is a Public Company focussed on developing itself in the technology metal supply chain, offering creative products and solutions especially focussed in the “energy storage industry”.

Renewable energy is an important component of Africa’s economic future and is destined to replace polluting power generation sources such as coal and oil.

TAM Holdings is well positioned with its investment in TAM Alloys as its mineral supply company (Vanadium) and TAM Energy its “Energy Storage Business” to capitalise on the market opportunities available.

TAM ALLOYS - Investing in the security of our supply chain

The world of energy storage solutions is upon us and a seismic shift of how we use and save energy is inevitable. Hence it has become imperative that supply of minerals such as Vanadium, which is successfully used in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB), is secured for long term use in such mega batteries bound to change the world as we know it.

TAM Alloys is well positioned through TAM’s ownership of its more than 20 million tons of Ferro Titanium & Vanadium resources, to secure a long term supply of V2O5 (Vanadium Pentoxide) to our TAM Energy business. TAM Alloys will also manufacture other key minerals such as Ferro Oxide (Pig Iron) and Titanium products.

TAM ENERGY - the future of energy storage solutions in Africa

Growth in the battery storage market has massively accelerated in recent years, with electrochemical storage approaching the 1GW mark globally, from a few hundred megawatts just a few years ago (1GW = 1,000MW, South Africa has total installed electricity capacity of 52,800MW, mainly coal).

This growth is currently led by regions like China, Europe and the US. While battery storage still accounts for a small portion of the total power market, this is changing fast, as lithium-ion battery prices drop from $280/kWh in 2018 to an expected $73/kWh or less by 2030.

The writing is on the wall. For example, Germany, which reported that its renewable industry had surpassed its coal industry for the first time this year, expects to shut down all its coal plants by 2037, converting these facilities into renewable energy sites.

This trend bodes well for Africa where similar to the leapfrogging of landlines straight to mobile phones, communities will bypass the multi-billion-dollar central power station models, and roll out more affordable, cleaner, safer and easy-to-use renewable energy grids and micro-grids. This will drastically speed up the delivery of reliable electricity to all African citizens, including those who are still disconnected, and TAM Energy is well positioned to capitalise on this huge new market.

A structured approach

Socially and economically responsible mineral benefitiation of our more than 20 million ton FeTiV Tailings Resource to ensure longevity of mineral supplies (especially V2O5 used in our Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries).

Refining our processing and benefitiation facilities for long term supply of metals and chemicals, including V2O5 which is used in TAM Energy – storage solutions.

Developing TAM Energy as a major supplier of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries for “energy storage solutions” in Africa.